The Global CSA Initiative – Building A Better World Through Collective Self-Actualization


We’ve come so far on our journey.

We’ve discussed the Theory of Human Motivation and how it drives the individual to achieve their full potential.

We examined the criteria that defines Self-Actualization, taking it from an abstract to a tool for real-world applications.

We’ve taken that theory further into understanding how groups, or Collectives, baby-22194_1280can achieve another level of Self-Actualization, one that benefits the entire family, team, or cooperative rather than just one person.

We’ve also come to understand that every level of the Hierarchy of Needs is just as important as any other, because without fulfilling each of them, we cannot reach that pinnacle of Self-Actualization and beyond. Armed with our new understanding of the world and how we can affect change in both positive and negative ways, we are ready to apply this on a much grander scale, and to progress towards a global egalitarian society.

From the mind that developed the concept of the Global CSA Initiative:

“Now what place does an idea like Collective Self-Actualization have? Perhaps, it is the perfect candidate for being the organizing principle for society.

An organizing principle is a central assumption from which everything else derives its value. Take for example the grid pattern of the layout of the streets in downtown city-841419_1280.jpgManhattan. If a building was built in the middle of an intersection, that would be a problem because that building’s placement comes in direct conflict with the organizing principle of the grid-pattern layout.

So, in America, for example, what kind of organizing principles do we operate by? Capitalism? Democracy? What about in, say, Saudi Arabia? There, it could be suggested that Sharia (Islamic Holy Law) and Islam in general are the societal organizing principles.

So, to conclude all this, what we are proposing is a lofty, but not impossible, goal. We want to get a critical mass of precious human beings on board to this idea of using the concept of individual and collective self-actualization as a real goal that we can head towards as a society.”

light-2188464_1280Yes, it certainly does seem like a lofty idea, especially to a human race who, with very few exceptions, knows only the reality of inequality that we live under. We are suggesting that, as a Global Collective Self, humanity will only be able to realize our full potential when the fundamental needs of every human, as outlined in Maslow’s Hierarchy, are met and secure.

And this is something that we can all help to achieve, and in many different ways. It’s not a club to join where monthly dues are automatically deducted from your debit account. It’s not a “Change Your Life In 30 Days!!!” gimmick. The Global CSA Initiative is a group of people that seek to make the world a better place for everyone by helping to secure the basic needs of all humans, and to teach others how they can help on any level – locally or globally.

Every bit counts, and the more people there are who are no longer insecure in their needs, the more people there will be that will be able to help others. And just like Maslow’s pyramid, even the smallest positive change we as individuals or groups can blue-2571965_1280create, such as starting a communal garden in impoverished areas, can have far reaching effects and are just as important as combatting the global crisis of climate change. Because, remember – without the security of our basic needs of survival, we will never see the sunrise from the top of the mountain.

This concept is not for sale, and it’s not for profit. As lofty as it may seem, it is still a rather simple concept when we break it down to it’s most basic parts, building from the foundation of the individual to the ultimate shift towards Global CSA that we believe may be humanity’s only chance for survival. Obviously, the way things are going today certainly isn’t sustainable.

Collective Self-Actualization is an idea that is for the entire world, not just a privileged few. There is no cost to contribute to the Global CSA Initiative – your effort is all that is needed. Your support is always appreciated, but never required. There is no exclusive literature – no “10 Simple Ways To Use CSA!!!” booklet for just $17.99 plus shipping and handling, and don’t forget to send one to mom. Global CSA can, and should, be implemented into our lives – everyone’s life – today. Right now. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you can start right in your own community.

When we are all doing better, we are all doing better. And we can do better. We can be better. And, of course, what we can be, we must be.


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