What Is CSA?

Collective Self-Actualization (CSA) is a groundbreaking concept based on the work of Dr. Abraham Maslow, a world-renowned 20th Century American psychologist. In his “Theory of Human Motivation”, he described an Hierarchy of Needs that was visualized as a pyramid, with our basic physical necessities – air, water, food, etc – as the foundation. The other levels of the pyramid represent human needs that, while not actually necessary for physical survival, are no less important to our happiness and fulfillment. These include intimacy, social interaction, a sense of security, and respect from others and for ourselves.

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Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”

The topmost level of this pyramid, which is reached when all other need has been satisfied, Maslow called “Self-Actualization” – the realization of the highest need to reach our full individual potential. The separate yet intrinsically intertwined levels of the pyramid represented Maslow’s theory, with Self-Actualization as the pinnacle of human fulfillment.

We propose that Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation can be applied to our global community on a collective scale, resulting in a society which meets the needs of every member of that society, and where every member of that society is free to discover their own full potential. This we call “Collective Self-Actualization”, a state of collective being that enables us to live freely, with mutual respect and personal fulfillment.

The following video describes in detail what CSA is all about…

We CAN live in a world without war… without poverty… without hunger…

It may seem like a lofty idea, but it is not one that is impossible. The greatest ideas in the history of humankind began with the thoughts of just one person, but THIS one begins with us.

ALL of us.